Training Schedule 2020

Mobile Storytelling workshops during the summer of 2020.

  • June 1-5, Ajmer City, Rajasthan India (Registration $45 with Lunch and tea – $110 with accommodation plus three meals)
  • June 8-12, Margao Town, Goa India (Registration $30 with Lunch and tea)
  • June 22-26, Chandigarh, Punjab India (Workshop is full)
  • July 13-17, TBA
  • July 20-24th, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Registration $80 with Lunch and tea)

All of these workshops will have “non-professional” attendees including university students and church members.  Each five day workshop will cover smartphone camera use and editing, applications available, story ideas, scriptwriting, storyboarding, lighting and audio. Students will do three practical assignments: Framing and camera movement, 5-shot sequence (edited together on smartphone) and a final group project which could be a news package or a testimony of one of the group with B-roll. Each of these workshops will provide all on the ground expenses for the trainers(lodging, food and transport)  by charging student fees. This ensures that each organizer has “skin in the game” and has definite goals of how to involve the trainees to tell these untold stories of God at work for social media and other distribution. It is also our hope that at least one media mentor will emerge from each group to continue working with each student after the workshop.

Some of these workshops are in collaboration with Global News Alliance (GNA.News) who’s mission is to “Stretch a cooperative news-gathering network around the globe, so that no developments significant to the Church go unreported.”



The Future of Christian Media Training

Those of you who have been connected to our ministry of training Christians to use media effectively know that we have been conducting Smartphone Filmmaking workshops in Asia and Africa (140 students in four countries since 2016). What is amazing is that with training and mentoring each trainee can produce stories of God at work in their own lives using that smartphone in their hand!

There are 3.2 billion individuals who have smartphones now and by 2025 that is projected to be 5.9 billion or 71% of the population. On Facebook alone, the average person has 338 friends! On Instagram 150 friends. By 2025 there are projected to be 2.7 billion Christians and if each had 300 friends on social media – well you can do the math! Even restricted access countries like Burma has 61 million mobile users.

What if the Christians (each of us) “…were equipped to be able to reflect what they hear from the pulpit (Bible study, etc) to their own networks in real time, letting the little networks of people they know hear about, listen to, engage with the reflections (of God) that they are having.” (Dave Adams ICMC Chairman).  Adams continues, “that, I think, is a future call for media training. How do we as media trainers train every person to use the media? That is a huge challenge!”

So we (Christine and I) find ourselves praying about the next steps in equipping the average believer in Africa and Asia to tell those stories of God at work to those within their networks (and beyond). Our goal is to also train trainers who live in Africa and Asia and will continue to equip citizen storytellers. 

2019 Workshop Roundup

From June 18, 2019 until July 30th Chris and I were conducting workshops in India and Thailand. In each 5 day period we taught writing, filming, photography, audio and editing on the students smartphone. Each of them completed several short videos and participated in a group project. 

Mumbai, India – June 24-28th. 23 students came together from several cities of India for our first workshop of the summer. It was hosted by David and Liz Peters of Galilean International. Liz is the daughter of Dr C.D. (Jeba) Jebasingh who founded Galilean in 1979. Jeba was  instrumental in getting Chris and I to India in 1974 to conduct a month long Audio Visual Workshop in Bangalore. 

Varanasi, India – July 1-9th. We held a workshop for 21 students from all over India in the city most known for being the most Hindu city of India. It was coordinated by a smartphone student in Thailand who was kicked out of India after 12 years of ministry. 

Khon Kaen, Thailand – July 22-26th. Partnering with Youth With a Mission(YWAM) we taught 24 mostly Thai students over a 5 day period. The coordinator was in our Chiang Mai Workshop. 

International Communication Training Institute Vision 2020

Dan was invited to attend this conference to Alexandra, Egypt Sept 24-Oct 4th. The goal was to discuss the future on Christian Media training primarily in the Global South. Trainers from Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA attended this meeting and made recommendations on the future that the ICTI governing board will consider.

Mini MoJo Kit

I wanted to take a moment to add the small version of the larger kit. Except for the monopod (which is part of the tripod in the larger kit.) I am using an old “fanny pack” which holds my @Moment Wide and Tele lens, the @IKMultimedia iRig microphone and the Grip and handle for my @Shoulderpod rig.



Mobile Journalism Kit @11.6lbs

Since I started using my iPhone to shoot narrative films I have started researching how equipment like stabilizers and lenses have been improving. Specifically, it is the introduction of a small Barcelona, Spain company called Shoulderpod (@shoulderpod) and what they are doing with their the great equipment and the Mobile Trainers World Catalog.  Secondly, a small startup called Moment (@Moment) staffed by creative writers, shooters, editors and designers who are listening to people like myself and creating high-quality lenses and cases for all smartphones. And, as I am heading to Asia to do some training I wanted to reduce the weight of my kit – the one I recommend below weighs about 11.6 lbs or 4.6 KG! And a budget of $700 without smartphone.

Having a way to hold your smartphone, microphone, and light if necessary is important. Shoulderpod offers a series of interchangeable products that can be used (as they say) like legos to build a rig you need for a shoot.

Mobile_Journalism_Shoulderpod_X1Shoulderpod X1 Pro Rig $119.00  The X1 is their most advanced production rig for adding professional accessories to your mobile camera. A modular and expandable solution specially designed for mobile journalists and video producers

Shoulderpod S2 to R2Shoulderpod S2 – R2 $39.99 This is the short plate and the connectors.


I suggest the following

thumbnail_case_photo_iphonex_walnutPhoto Case for iPhone X $29.00 or Battery Case $79.95 thumbnail_case_battery


New Tele Portrait Lens $89.00 thumbnail_lens_tele and New Wide Lens $89.99 thumbnail_lens_wide_v2

Anamorphic Lens $119.99 (when available)


As options: New Superfish Lens $89.99. New Macro Lens $89.99. I have downloaded the free Moment App.


TripodAndover Travel Tripod and Monopod $57.95 This is a great choice as it is only 12″ long for travel by expands to 52″ as well as a monopod. It weighs 3.5 Lbs (1.5 KG)

Small Adjustable Tripod $9.00 This is ideal for tabletop shots where youSmall tripod need the camera close to the “ground”. You can also wrap the segmented legs around a bar for stabilizing.



Irig Mic1K Multimedia iRig Mic Field Stereo $79.00 This concept is new to me as it plugs directly into the lightning port on my iPhone X. It features two high-quality capsules, in an XY stereo configuration, and a 24-bit A/D converter to ensure the best possible sound quality. A built-in headphone jack allows for real-time monitoring.

Movo PB 10 Lav Mic $14.95. This plugs directly into the smartphone, in my case with the  Apple Lightning to headphone adapter.Movo PM10

Movo ShotgunMovo VXR10GY Shotgun 39.95. This plugs directly into the smartphone, in my case with the  Apple Lightning to headphone adapter.


LXYpro XLR-TRRS adapter Cable $11.99 to plug in my handheld mic

In my kit, I have an older Behringer XLR handheld with 2 – 4 foot cable lengths for flexibility.

estar-camera-bag.jpgEstar Shoulder bag $36.00. I modified the insert so it would sit on top of the two tripods and selfie stick I use to extend the lights higher over the camera. This only works with a tripod for a static interview.  IMG_4482


Last but not least, I suggest a small folding reflector and a power bank. With these two and the equipment above the total would be under $700 without the iPhone X. These links go to Amazon pages and if you choose to buy please use them.









Smartphone Filmmaking Kit

Here is the kit I recommend for you using your own Smartphone. I recommend FilmicPro for image capture. Here is a demo video I prepared

Use the links to purchase the pieces from Amazon

BeastGrip ProBeastGrip Pro for a Stable Image ($135.00)

The Beastgrip Pro includes an updated lower clamp jaw and lens mount with two different interchangeable rubber inserts for improved functionality, fit and overall performance with all phones.

It’s a modular rig system with a removable lens mount assembly and handle that allows you to modify the setup your personal preference, and includes industry-standard photography mounts and an ergonomic grip, which allow you to attach a wide variety of photography/filmmaking gear to increase the quality of your photos and videos.

Wide Angle and Tele Lens for Beastgrip Pro ($35.65)

Poloroid LensIf you need more lenses than your budget allows, Polaroid conversion lenses represent a cost effective and intelligent alternative. Because our DNA is optics and lenses (as in Polarizing filters) our conversion lenses are precision engineered and multi-coated to provide flawless results regardless.

37mm MoonDog Anamorphic Lens and Adapter from BHPhoto ($205.00)

moondog_labs_5141_1_33x_anamorphic_adapter_1490887404000_1330277Make cinematic video with the gorgeous widescreen impact, subtle distortions and horizontal flares found in landmark films like Apocalypse Now, Alien, and Inception. I used this lens in shooting BINGE.



AUDIO: Movo VXR10GY Universal Cardioid Mic ($39.95)

Video MicUniversal Compatiblity – Works with DSLR Cameras, Camcorders, Audio Recorders, iPhone and Android Smartphones, Tablets, & Laptops. Durable Aluminum Construction, Battery Free Design. Integrated shock-mount minimizes handling noise. Includes Microphone, Furry “Deadcat” Windscreen, Soft Case, 3.5mm TRS Output Cable (For DSLR Cameras, Camcorders, Recorders), 3.5mm TRRS Output Cable (For Smartphones, Tablets, and Mac). 1 Year Warranty with USA-Based SupportWireless Lav

AUDIO: Saramonic SR-WM4C Wireless Lav Mic ($99.00)

The Saramonic SR-WM4C is a compact and lightweight VHF wireless microphone system. Providing a perfect audio solution for record free from the limit of distance, it is very helpful in filmmaking, broadcast interview and business presentations. Four switchable channels to keep you free from interference. Detachable and flexible antenna can be rotated 360 degree accordingly for best sound. The high-band VHF provides pure sound Record audio up to 60 meters away with no obstacle. Real-time monitor Volume control wheel. LED indicator indicates the battery life Includes a belt-pack transmitter, camera mountable receiver and an omnidirectional lavalier microphone Power provided by AA battery (sold separately)

AUDIO: Movo LV1 Wired Lav Mic ($20.00)

Lv MicOmnidirectional pick up pattern for clear and accurate voice reproduction. May be used for smartphones, audio recorders & microphone compatible cameras (3.5mm Jack)20-foot Cable for versitile connecting. Splitting Cable allows you to connect your standard TRS (3-pole) 3.5mm microphone connector to your TRRS (4-pole) smartphone. 20′ Long Cable for versatile connecting options


AUDIO: Saramonic SR-AX100 ($50.00)

MixerTwo-channel audio adapter ideal for shooting videos with any DSLR or camcorder that has a standard mounting shoe. This adapter provides you with a compact dual-mic mounting and audio mixing solution, which allows you to easily mount and control two microphones or wireless receivers. Two Mono 1/8″”(3.5mm) Inputs One Stereo 1/8″”(3.5mm) Input One 1/8″”(3.5mm) Stereo Output Stereo/Mono Output Switch. Dual Trim Control Knobs Three Integrated Mounting Shoes so you can attach a variety of mics or wireless receivers. Passive Operation Requires No Batteries!!!! Compact Shape With Die-cast Aluminum Chassis!

PORTABLE TRIPOD BONFOTO B690A Lightweight Aluminum Tripod ($70.00) 

TripodProfessional: 360 degree horizontal swivel and 90 degree vertical platform with 3-way head allows you to take photos at any angle, which helps to ensure fast transitions between shots. The recommended max load capacity for this tripod is 17 lbs, 4 section leg, maximum Height: 55”. Main Features: This tripod is designed with double telescoping center columns, compact when folded and practical when extended, Includes a carry handle, foam grips on the base, and a center column hook for hanging additional accessories, or to add weight to the tripod for additional stabilization. Compact: Adjustable-height tripod is made of lightweight aluminum, weight just 2.6lbs (1.18kg) make it very suitable for outdoor, travel shooting. It can be folded 180 degree reversely, giving it a compact size of 14.5”, save your space and make it small enough to carry everywhere (included a portable tripod carrying bag)

Camera Bag  with padding and vintage look ($35.00)

BagMULTI-USE: Dual-use travel outdoor mirrorless camera bag, can hold 1*DSLR+2 extra lens +tripod +ipad +accessories . Take out the camera insert bag, you can turns it into a just a daily fashion messenger shoulder bag. HIGH-QUALITY: Made of high density durable nylon fabric, waterproof, shockproof and easy clean. 15mm thick layers of clapboard, protect your camera against damage, dust and scratches. Durable zipper, shoulder straps can adjustable length. MULTI-POCKET: Enough space and pockets to store your accessories such as a flash, battery, clothes, book. Designed for DSLR Digital Camera, like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus. Size:14.9*9.1*7.1inch weigh: 0.85kg convenient and light weight for your outdoor shooting.

Bits and Pieces I recommend

Apple Lightning Adapter Original by Apple (order two extra)

Movo Lightning Cable Adapter Clips to stabilize your Lightning Adapter to 3.5mm adapter

Small folding reflector ($9.99)Reflector






Kindle Books by Dan Henrich

Internet Evangelism in the 21stCentury by Dan Henrich

Internet EVInternet Evangelism in the 21st Century is a book about the power of the Internet for evangelism. It contains the print versions of workshops conducted by the top 21 speakers on the use of the internet.


Mediastrategy and Christian Witness by Dan Henrich (Kindle)

MediastrategyInternet Evangelism in the 21st Century is a book about the power of the Internet for evangelism. It contains the print versions of workshops conducted by the top 21 speakers on the use of the internet.



Television Impact on University Students in Thailand, By Dan Henrich (Kindle)

Thai UniThis study investigates the television viewing habits of Thai students attending Payap University, in Chiangmai, Thailand. A combination of methodologies were utilized including: A 75 question survey was used to determine television viewing genre preferences, as well as basic demographic and psychographic data; Longer term media usage was analyzed using a three month media diary qualitative methodology; and finally a value survey was administered using a Thai Values instrument developed by a Thai researcher in 1979. The Thai Values survey tested both instrumental and terminal values that are uniquely Thai.

Evangelism in the Digital Age by Dan Henrich

EV Digital AgeThis is a series of case studies that will help novice and professional alike learn how to use all forms of media in the evangelism process. These case studies come from Africa, Asia and Latin America and most have discussion questions to help the reader grasp the key parts of these examples from radio, television/film, mobile/Internet media.

Sabina’s Encounter (English)

SabinaA story from across Africa. A barren woman and her struggle with Self-Esteem. Who does she go to for peace when her estranged husband pursues her to punish her for something she has no control over? What to see where she finds the answers she seeks. Produced in Kenya. 37 minutes.


Project Awards

Just wanted to pass on some good news. The two film projects done during my recent workshop in Ethiopia were award Semi-Finalist for the Caribbean Film Festival & Market. Although a very small festival it is good to know that someone likes the type of films that can be done within a two week workshop structure. I have been doing workshops for many years and have won awards in the past – but it is exciting to see this acknowledgement.

Here are the final edits LATENESS The Cry of the Street Vendor