Mobile Journalism Kit @11.6lbs

Since I started using my iPhone to shoot narrative films I have started researching how equipment like stabilizers and lenses have been improving. Specifically, it is the introduction of a small Barcelona, Spain company called Shoulderpod (@shoulderpod) and what they are doing with their the great equipment and the Mobile Trainers World Catalog.

Secondly, a small startup called Moment (@Moment) staffed by creative writers, shooters, editors and designers who are listening to people like myself and creating high-quality lenses and cases for all smartphones. And, as I am heading to Asia to do some training I wanted to reduce the weight of my kit – the one I recommend below weighs about 11.6 lbs or 4.6 KG! And a budget of $700 without smartphone.

Having a way to hold your smartphone, microphone, and light if necessary is important. Shoulderpod offers a series of interchangeable products that can be used (as they say) like legos to build a rig you need for a shoot.

Mobile_Journalism_Shoulderpod_X1Shoulderpod X1 Pro Rig $119.00  The X1 is their most advanced production rig for adding professional accessories to your mobile camera. A modular and expandable solution specially designed for mobile journalists and video producers

Shoulderpod S2 to R2Shoulderpod S2 – R2 $39.99 This is the short plate and the connectors.


I suggest the following

thumbnail_case_photo_iphonex_walnutPhoto Case for iPhone X $29.00 or Battery Case $79.95 thumbnail_case_battery


New Tele Portrait Lens $89.00 thumbnail_lens_tele and New Wide Lens $89.99 thumbnail_lens_wide_v2

Anamorphic Lens $119.99 (when available)


As options: New Superfish Lens $89.99. New Macro Lens $89.99. I have downloaded the free Moment App.


TripodAndover Travel Tripod and Monopod $57.95 This is a great choice as it is only 12″ long for travel by expands to 52″ as well as a monopod. It weighs 3.5 Lbs (1.5 KG)

Small Adjustable Tripod $9.00 This is ideal for tabletop shots where youSmall tripod need the camera close to the “ground”. You can also wrap the segmented legs around a bar for stabilizing.



Irig Mic1K Multimedia iRig Mic Field Stereo $79.00 This concept is new to me as it plugs directly into the lightning port on my iPhone X. It features two high-quality capsules, in an XY stereo configuration, and a 24-bit A/D converter to ensure the best possible sound quality. A built-in headphone jack allows for real-time monitoring.

Movo PB 10 Lav Mic $14.95. This plugs directly into the smartphone, in my case with the  Apple Lightning to headphone adapter.Movo PM10

Movo ShotgunMovo VXR10GY Shotgun 39.95. This plugs directly into the smartphone, in my case with the  Apple Lightning to headphone adapter.


LXYpro XLR-TRRS adapter Cable $11.99 to plug in my handheld mic

In my kit, I have an older Behringer XLR handheld with 2 – 4 foot cable lengths for flexibility.

estar-camera-bag.jpgEstar Shoulder bag $36.00. I modified the insert so it would sit on top of the two tripods and selfie stick I use to extend the lights higher over the camera. This only works with a tripod for a static interview.  IMG_4482


Last but not least, I suggest a small folding reflector and a power bank. With these two and the equipment above the total would be under $700 without the iPhone X. These links go to Amazon pages and if you choose to buy please use them.









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