Workshop in Alexandria, Egypt

Partner Trainers Galilean International conducted a Smartphone Filmmaking Workshop that was part of the “Share the Story” conference organized by Campus Crusade for Christ in Alexandria, Egypt in February 2020. Trainers were David Peters, Liz Peters, with support from Aaron Peters and Jony Sureshkumar. Liz and David attended our workshop in Mumbai last summer and Dan traveled to Toronto to give a brief refresher before they left for Egypt.

The Smartphone Filmmaking workshop had 30 participants ranging from age 15 to 55+. The essential topics were covered and all assignments were completed by the  participants.

The final testimonial project was divided into three groups. Each group completed their project and 2 of them were selected by Campus Crusade to be used for their broadcast through their channels.

“We had an enthusiastic group full of enrergy and eager to learn”, said Liz Peters.

The team conducted daily roll calls and certificates were handed out to particpants who attended all sessions and  engaged themselves in the three projects through the workshop.

NOTE: Galilean International is our coordinating training partner in India. With their help we will have three workshops in India in 2020, June 1-5 Ajmer City, June 8-12 Goa and Chandigarh June 22-26th.

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