As we are making a rather fast transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas and the end of 2020 Chris and I thank the Lord for keeping us safe from COVID-19. As with all of you it has not been easy with quarantine to “flatten the curve” and mask-wearing and hand washing all the time. Several of our friends and students contracted COVID, most had slight flu-like symptoms, a couple with “co-morbidities” were hospitalized but all recovered. 

Last week our church asked Dan to serve as a deacon. As Chris and I discussed the opportunity and the requirements we remembered that media and media training has been our “plumbline” given to us by God about 38 years ago. This has led us to media ministry in Africa, Asia, the Middle-East, Europe, and yes, North America.  

We had expected to teach in India (3 workshops), Kenya, and Ethiopia(1 workshop each) in the summer of 2020. COVID stopped all that and we created an online portal for training called MobileTrain.Co. 

We plan to return to onsite Christian media training in the summer of 2021!

We have been talking to Christian leaders in several places with positive responses. Everyone is hoping for Covid vaccine availability and the raising of travel restrictions. For example, one can travel to Kenya and Ethiopia with a negative test but India and Indonesia do not allow travelers – Pakistan (allows travel with a 2-week quarantine and negative test). Several things need to happen including the raising of travel restrictions and the vaccine.

However, we are planning in faith to conduct two workshops in India, one or two in Pakistan, one in another Muslim nation, and one in East Africa during our May-July summer break from the college. We will train between 120 and 150 in mobile film production. 

Please pray as we start to raise support for airfare, food, insurance, and visas for each of these countries. People may say that there are special deals and airfare is cheap but that is not true. The fact is there are fewer planes available and therefore fewer flights, driving up costs. We can only plan on what is published for our projected travel dates. 

God Bless You

Dan & Chris Henrich

Projected Expenses (10 weeks)

Airfare $3000 x2 $6000

Pakistan Visa $160×2 $320

India Visa $100×2 $200

Indo Visa $35×2 $ 70

Kenya Visa $60×2 $120

R&B 70 days @$50 $3500

Travel Insurance $  520 $10,730

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