Today I would like to share a vision with you for 2021- you remember the proverb from the 1800’s? “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

I am not talking about physical fish, I am talking about training people to share the stories of God at work in their lives using their own smartphones – stories that can be shared on social media that will impact those in their friendship circle and beyond. For 37 years we have been equipping Christians around the world to write and produce films that will reach the Lost. 

For the past five years we have realized what people could do with that “production studio in their hand” and are concentrating on developing training materials for smartphone filmmaking workshops and conducted workshops in Thailand, India and China (150 students). 

We plan to return to the mission field in June and July 2021 to conduct smartphone filmmaking workshops in Pakistan, India and Ethiopia for about 120 students. Each of these students will learn how to shoot and edit on their own phones to produce the untold stories of God at work and post them to their friends on social media. On the average, a person has 150 social media friends so if each person produced just one story in class and posted it at least 18,000 people who will hear how stories of God at work and if they become viral hundreds of thousands will hear the Gospel. 

We are praying for partners like yourself to continue to help us with the travel expenses. Right now, we are finalizing the on-the-ground details for each of the five workshops.  Each of these areas have unique challenges – Pakistan is majority Muslim, India majority Hindu and Ethiopia is in the middle of a civil war in the north. 

Electronic visas are no longer possible in these countries and as a result our budget for regular visas (in embassy locations using a visa service) has more than doubled! Airfare prices are uncertain as many airlines retired old planes and will reduce frequency of flights when countries re-open. For example, airfare to Asia increased by 40% between last week and this one. Things may settle down but for sure this major budget item will be higher that 2019 when we last went on mission last.

We ask for your consideration in continuing to support this vital media training trip. We are still $2000 short of our budget out of our $8,500 expected expenses and your gift of $50, $100 or $200 will help.

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