Latest News on Training Schedule

We will depart May 23rd for eight weeks overseas returning July 18th. During that time we will teach six weeks of workshops to an estimated 125 students. One thing we did not take into consideration are the costs of COVID PCR tests. They have to be taken no more than 3 days before flight departure so free tests are out. So for us both and added $1,500!, USA $300, Dubai twice $400, Egypt $200, Pakistan $200, Tanzania $200, Addis Ababa $200.

Here are the workshop locations and partners:

Alexandria, Egypt – Mobile Filmmaking – 5/31-6/4 and Mobile Journalism 6/7-6/11 partnering with Ibrahima Media Center in Alexandria, Egypt. IMC was the first media center in the Middle East.

Lahore, Pakistan – Mobile Filmmaking – 6/15-6/19 partnering with OM International. We expect 30 students from all over Pakistan.

Arusha, Tanzania – Mobile Filmmaking/Journalism – 6/28-7/9 partnering with Habari Maalum College(HMC). When we were in Nairobi in the 1990s we conducted training there.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Mobile Filmmaking 7/12-7/16 partnering with SIM Media.

Returning 7/19th. 26,939 air miles and 100 flight hours!

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