1st Post – A visit to the Kumbh Mela

This post will start a series of one of my visits to Haridwar in North India to take pictures of the largest Hindu pilgrimage in 2010:

We started in the cold darkness to take a taxi from Dehra Dun in the northern state Uttarakhand to Haridwar, 35 miles away. The taxi delivered us to a staging area 5 miles from the actual bathing area. I never thought I’d be so cold in India.Continue reading “1st Post – A visit to the Kumbh Mela”

2nd Post: The Hindu Pilgrims of the Kumbh Mela

The crowds gathered before light for a chance to take a bath and supposedly wash away their sins.

The Indian government’s efforts to control what was supposed to be a million dippers today turned out to be unneeded. This Kumbh Mela was different from 12 years ago as luxury camps were set up and tour busses dropped off the wealthier folk right next to the Ganga River for their holy dip. Stockades were contructed to   slow down crowd movement – sort of like the way they do at airport check-in counters, weaving back and forth. I found myself in such a security stockade now as we worked our way to a place where we could see the special dip of the thousands of Sadhus and their smaller counterpart, the Nagas.Continue reading “2nd Post: The Hindu Pilgrims of the Kumbh Mela”

3rd Post: The Hindu Pilgrims of the Kumbh Mela

As we made our way back to the ghats or bathing areas I noticed strings of beads like dried and wrinkled apricots in many of the

Herbs that are supposed to ward off evil spirits

shops. JG told me they are Rudraksh seeds and are a charm against all sorts of sickness and evil. Most of these hanging were the fakes most Hindus would wear as the real Rudraksh seeds are quite expensive they are kept in a locked case. These seeds are all the more precious if a priest would bless them – for a fee of course!Continue reading “3rd Post: The Hindu Pilgrims of the Kumbh Mela”

The Pastor, the Spirit and the Waterfall

This is a true life story told to me by a veteran missionary to the Philippines. I think it is always good to be reminded that Satan is very active but that God is in control!

Because of what God taught us and all that spirit world with tribal people, we had faith for bigger things because of what happened here. But I’m going to stick with these stories. Hundreds have come to faith, and it’s all been dreams, visions. I hope we can write, someday, the history of the church. We’ve seen it happen from the beginning, from the first believers. Now there’s hundreds. It’s the beginnings of it. But it’s all been just amazing stuff, a lot of amazing stories.Continue reading “The Pastor, the Spirit and the Waterfall”